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Hi, I'm Z (they/dia)

I like expressing myself through drawing/writing.

I believe that we can make the world a better place through art, music, and activism, and I like projects and activities that educate and empower the community we live in.

Currently Involved in:
#DaruratBanjir Directory
KL SketchNation's Bangsa Pelakar

Past Projects:
Carthreena crew
Pink Tank Collective


One of my first childhood memories is me drawing on a wall (and getting in trouble for it), so I've quite literally been drawing ever since I could remember.

Art is both a source of comfort and catharsis for me, as it lets me experience and/or express my ideas and feelings... especially those I find hard to verbalise.

I like experimenting with different styles of art, but I typically lean towards a cartoonish/childish style. When I'm not drawing, I also like doodle-journalling (I call this doojo hehe) and calligraphy/lettering.

These days, I generally make art related to culture, identity, mental health, intersectionality, and everyday life. Here are some examples of my recent work.

Before 2020, I was mostly doing traditional art/crafts. I still do them and am hoping to learn many more art forms/techniques. Below are some examples of what I've tried:

One of the coolest art projects I've done was working on a 30,000 sqft mural with 24 other artists from KLSketchNation in 2020. Here's a montage of what we did and how it turned out:

Video by: @itsnarmi

To see more of my work:
@doodlesbyz - instagram portfolio
@z.pwc - doojo + blog
@doodlesbyz - tiktok blog

To purchase my work:

To view my creative portfolio:
DM my IG @doodlesbyz / email zpwc [alias] pm [dot] me


As a verbivore, I flex my creative muscles using words whenever I can, for fun and/or for reflection. I believe in the power of words to move hearts and effect change.

I have been a blogger for over 10 years on numerous topics. I also write poetry, some of which have been published in zines and/or performed at JALAN DALAM, katakvtv, and kata.mata.

One of my poems is featured on @katakvtv on Instagram.
Some of my public poems are available here.


You can connect with me via my social media links in the home page.

If you'd like to commission me to draw something for you, contact me via this link.

Email me at zpwc [alias] pm [dot] me